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First, open the Android Browser and then click on Menu. From the Menu select Settings and from Settings select Privacy & Security. From there you can clear your cache and clear any cookies data as needed.
No. Flash websites are not supported by our platform. We do support dynamic web content of all sorts, and it's ok to have flash banners or animations running on part of your pages, but your menus and main content cannot be in Flash.
If your body content is done in Flash, or composed with heavy JavaScript, the contents may not be extractable for your mobile version.
First, open the BlackBerry Browser and press the Blackberry Options hardware button. Scroll down to find your Cache settings, and hit Clear Now.
First, click on the Settings icon found on the Homescreen. Then select Safari. Then, Clear Cookies and Data.
Our content system is looking for content Div tags. If there is complex Flash or JavaScript, you may need to choose a different part of your page to "Select as Content".
Your username will be the email you used when you signed up. If you cannot remember which email address you used, give us a call on 1-877-204-5420 and we'll help you out.
If you have forgotten your password, please go to the log in page and then click 'Forgot Password'. If you've forgotten your username (which is always your email address) please contact support on 1-877-204-5420
Some older mobile devices don't support JavaScript by default - you need to enable JavaScript on your mobile browser, so that you get automatically redirected to the mobile version.