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Yes, our Share Bar plugin allows you to add share links to the most popular social networking sites. Currently, the plugin supports email sharing, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.
Yes, our Click-to-Map plugin makes a "thumb-friendly" button that launches the device's default map application (e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps). Users are able to get travel directions in just a few clicks.
Yes, our Contact Bar is a fast way to add several optional contact links in one button, including your phone number, email, physical address, and SMS number. Custom styling is available, with standard options such as alignment, font-sizes and colors, a...
Yes, our Image plugin allow you to add an image to any page of your mobile site, with the option to hyperlink. Many options are available, such as mobilizing the linked-to page, rounded image borders, image caption, and/or CSS drop shadows.
Yes, with the Custom Form plugin, you can easily build a form that will email submissions directly to you. It features the ability to include a success or failure message, plus a variety of standard form fields, including: Email, Telephone, Date Picker...
Yes you can. Once inserted, our YouTube Channel plugin will display a list of your most recent YouTube videos. Simply enter your YouTube username, the number of visible feed items you would like, then play around with the styling.
Yes you can. All you need is your AdSense Publisher ID, the Ad ID, and our AdSense plugin. You can apply the AdSense plugin site-wide or on specific pages, configure the positioning of the plugin, and change the style of the plugin.
The Promote plugin allows users to easily add a promoted product, like a "Sale!", "Free Class!", or "60% off!" promotion. You can add a promotional image, with a custom hyperlink, and even add custom HTML or JavaScript to the promotion caption.
If you're looking to drive Likes of your mobile site on Facebook, the Facebook Like plugin makes it easy. Just add this plugin with your Facebook Page URL, and users will be able to give you a "like" with a single click.
Yes, inserting the Twitter Feed plugin allows you to display any number of recent Tweets. Simply enter your Twitter username, the number of Tweets you wish to display, then customize the style of the plugin and position it on your mobile site.
Yes, our OpenTable plugin, using your OpenTable ID will insert a widget that allows your mobile customers to make a table reservation.
The 2 Column plug in is useful for aligning content in two columns, such a data table or reducing the vertical space that bullet points take up by arranging them in colums.
Yes, with our Yelp plug in you can easily embed your Yelp picture, rating, and number of reviews into any page of your mobile website. If users want to see your reviews in detail, they can click on the plug in and be taken to your Yelp page.
Yes, our Video plugin allows you to easily add an iFrame-embedded mp4 video from YouTube or Vimeo. Your video will be HTML5 compliant, and render on mobile devices without the need for Flash or JavaScript.
Yes, our Table plugin allows you to insert an HTML table with standard options such as padding, font-size, colors, and drop shadows.
The Menu plugin allows you to create custom menus, either globally, or on selected pages. You can choose to mobilize the linked-to pages, and change a variety of visual style options. Interestingly, deselecting Outer Spacing and removing Rounded Border...
Yes, our Social Bar plugin allows you put quick links to the most popular social networking pages. Currently, the plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn, as well as the ability to link to an RSS/Atom feed.
Yes, you can present content in sophisticated ways with our customizable Accordion plugin. In each section of the accordion, you can insert plain text or custom HTML, and slide this content vertically up or down. Because you can insert HTML in any sect...
Every plug in has a section called Placement in which you can specify exactly where you would like the plug in to appear. You can choose ofr it to appear on a single page, all pages, all sub-pages or all page with a specific word in the URL (such as '/...
The HTML Snippet plugin allows you to insert a positionable block of custom HTML code, embed external objects and even insert custom JavaScript. Inline or External CSS is also supported, giving you extreme control over your content and design.
Yes, you can use our Search plug in to offer users to your website the ability to search website. The search technology you currently use must be compliant with OpenSearch standards. Google Search, among others, will work work well.
Yes, our Link plugin adds a "thumb-friendly" customizable button with a hyperlink to any page. Also, you can choose to mobilize any linked-to page automatically.
Yes, our Desktop Version plugin creates a "thumb-friendly" customizable button on any page of your mobile website, that points to your desktop website's Homepage.
Yes, with our Text plugin, you can easily add plain text to any page within your mobile website. Many design options are available, including: color, font, alignment, margin spacing, and font-family. Note: for custom HTML see our HTML Snippet plugin.
Yes, you can certainly insert an RSS or Atom feed onto any mobile page, and choose the number of most recent articles to display. Just choose the Feed plugin, input your URL, and choose from a variety of styling options.
Yes, with our Click-to-SMS plugin, you can create a "thumb-friendly" customizable button on any page of your mobile website. The button launches the mobile device's default SMS application, for fast text messaging.
Yes, our Carousel plugin is capable of putting multiple images into a horizontal image slider. It even has the ability to choose already existing images from a mobilized page, and combine them into one carousel for a cleaner visual experience.
The Carousel plugin creates a horizontal image slider, whereas the Gallery plugin makes a table of linkable images. Interestingly, the Gallery plugin cannot only be used to display a variety of configurable images, but also can be used to create a styl...
The Dashboard plugin allows you to create a static table of linkable icons, Dashboard-style. Commonly, designers like to place the Dashboard at either the header or footer, giving it the appearance of a slick static menu, incorporating your essential l...
Yes, with our Click-To-Call plugin, you can easily create a "thumb-friendly" customizable button on any page of your mobile website. The button automatically initiates a phone call when pressed.
Yes, with our Click-To-Email plugin you can easily create a "thumb-friendly" customizable button on any page of your mobile website. The button launches the mobile device's default mail application.
The Click-to-Map plug in produces a button that the user can click to launch their native mapping application (such as Google Maps or Apple Maps) with your location already requested. The Map plug in also features your location but does so in a map emb...